The Dynalite Uni400 Jr. AC/DC monolight has long been a solid workhorse among pro shooters in a numberĀ fields. Compact and built like a tank, the all-metal housing can take a beating. I bought both of my Dynalites used, each probably a decade or more old, and they’re still performing like new. One of the most notable features of the Dynalite Uni400 is its relatively long flash duration, making it a perfect strobe for HyperSync applications when used for daylight exteriors.

One of its largest shortcomings, however, is its limited four-stop range. Its minimum power setting is still a very powerful 50 Watt-seconds, making this unit not ideal for interior portraiture in an average home studio–it’s just too powerful, forcing extremely small apertures (e.g., f/16-22), even when used with large modifiers at base ISO.