Elinchrom D-Lite series strobes represent the Swiss company’s budget line of monolights (manufactured in India), but still offers excellent value and performance for the money. At only $339.99 each for the 200 Watt-second RX2, it’s priced right and performs like a champ. It has a class-leading 0.8-second recycle time at full power, weighs only 2.9 lbs., has an easy-to-use control panel, plus has a built-in Skyport receiver that never seems to fail.


The RX2 is so¬†lightweight, when fitted with small-to-medium sized modifiers, you won’t need a drop-pin to mount it (the 5/8″ receiver knuckle can tighten well enough to hold its angle). The small¬†Elinchrom softbox, the 39″ Mini-Octa was used for the above portrait, and is just the right size for a variety of applications. Elinchrom Rotalux modifiers, with their integrated speedrings and unique, ultra-thin reflector material, are probably the lightest softbox designs on the market, making the whole system a pleasure to use. The RX2’s built-in Skyport RF receiver also allows you to change its power output from the transmitter, and strobes can be assigned to any one of four different control channels. All in all, a great strobe and an even greater system of modifiers.