There’s a new “Quadra-like” system that’s pretty affordable, called the Godox RS600P, and those looking for a compact but powerful portable strobe system may have to look no further. You can get a 600Ws DC head-and-pack, plus a spare battery, all for about $700, but it’s only currently available from eBay importers. While the price may be right, as a direct-import, the product’s after-sales support may in question.

At least on paper, the new Godox XEnergizer 400Ws/600Ws portable strobe systems seem the top-value buy today. The 12.8V/8.0Ah battery is no slouch–graced with a few more amp-hours of capacity than most other competing systems. Plus, a claimed recycle time of only 2.5-seconds at max power is truly impressive.

The 600Ws-rated version sells for only $533 USD . . . a super-value compared with an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra which sells for about four times the price at $2,123 for the single-head kit. But as an import, there’s a fairly long delivery window (“15 to 30 business days”) if opting for their free shipping option. But Godox resellers also offer expedited shipping for those with more dollars than patience. Given the advertised features, compact size, and price point, this would be my top-pick for a portable strobe system today.

I did finally find a Hong Kong-based eBay seller (GodoxStudio/goodboystudio), selling replacement batteries (in their factory-molded Godox housings) which clip onto the bottom of the Godox pack for $179.99 USD each (which is a bit less than what a small Bowens TravelPak battery goes for, at $210 each). That makes it about $700 USD for a complete Godox 600Ws system, plus a spare battery.

It’s also been reported that the currently shipping model now hosts an energy-efficient LED modeling light, and has a re-designed head, with a “mostly metal build,” and is strong enough to support “large softboxes and modifiers” on the unit’s built-in Bowens S-mount.

So, if choosing the Godox, you could set up an ultra-portable strobe system, and if you also buy a Bowens-to-Elinchrom speedring, you could mount either a small or mid-sized Elinchrom Rotalux softbox onto your Xenergizer (choose between the 39″ Mini-Octa, or larger, 53″ Midi-Octa) for an even more “Quadra-like” experience:

• Godox XEnergizer RS600P 600Ws portable strobe system with one battery: $533.
Godox XEnergizer spare battery: $179.99.
• Elinchrom speedring for Bowens: $78.88.
• Elinchrom 39″ Mini-Octa: $254.99, and/or Elinchrom 53″ Midi-Octa: $314.99.

Example set-up 1: XEnergizer + spare battery + speedring + mini-octa = $1,046
Example set-up 2: XEnergizer + spare battery + speedring + midi-octa = $1,106