WARNING: This procedure carries the risk of electrocution–please only attempt if familiar with working with high-voltage electronics circuits:

If you own a Quantum Turbo, replacement batteries only cost between $16-$20 each. If you have an older Turbo, and it isn’t recycling like it used to, replacing the battery will make it recycle like new. To replace, remove the three screws on the exterior of the leather case, and carefully pull the electronics pack from the top. Pull the spade connectors off the terminals using a pair of insulated needle-nose pliers. WARNING! High-voltage inside! Be careful not to touch any conductors! If you don’t feel up to it, a local BatteriesPlus will do the replacement for you at no charge if you buy the batteries there.

Quantum Turbo replacement battery: Power-Sonic PS-832 8V 3.2AH SLA with F1 terminals.