It’s probably the single most most important element in portrait photography after good lighting–having good make-up.The application of a non-reflective base allows you to maximize the dynamic range of your camera’s sensor, and prevents oily or perspiring skin from reflecting values which result in blown highlights. If the skin on your subject has low-reflectivity, you can maximize your exposure (for best signal-to-noise ratio) without losing detail in shiny complexions.

What can you do to tame that shine? Professional make-up artists often recommend NYX’ finishing powder for getting rid of shiny, dynamic-range-robbing noses and foreheads, and say its matte, translucent finish is a great all-complexion solution. Convenient, since you don’t have to color-match your subjects’ skin tone. It’s from NYX’ HD Studio Photogenic line, and is available from most major retailers’ cosmetic counters for about $10.

NYX’ product page:

You can apply it using a medium-sized make-up brush (or purchase the recommended NYX Kabuki brush for about $12), and simply wash the brush with soap and water, or rinse with rubbing alcohol after use, and be ready for the next shoot.

Alternatively, on your next portrait or glamour session, see if you can hire a make-up artist for the shoot. Often, professional make-up students will work in exchange for images for their portfolio, or for a reasonable “kit fee” to help pay for their supplies (typically, about $50).